Product & Solutions

Be Ukraine, since its foundation, has been recognized for the high quality of development, implementation and optimization of IT systems within the Core Banking and Regulatory Compliance areas. One of our key asset is the NPX platform, which provides a full range of functionalities in the following areas: Treasury, Insurance, Back office, Gateways, IFRS, Risk&Provisions, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, BASEL III Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Currency Control, Corporate Services, ERP (PXS) / Suite, Settlement/cash service, Cash Desk, Financial monitoring.

The underlying Data Base is basically organized in transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) schemas. In general, OLTP systems provide source data to data storage, whereas OLAP systems help analyze it and build reports.

Developed and enriched over the last years mainly for the local market based on the most common business standards and Industry practices, the solution is highly configurable and modular, and can be delivered either as a unique solution or as separated modules, according the specific application landscape and needs of the client.

Relying on our expert Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Developers and QA Engineers we can guarantee NPX based projects implementation in its entirety, adopting the most standard methodologies and leveraging also on our international organization, when needed, to boost delivery and capacity of any size of projects.

As stand-alone components of the NPX platform, Be Ukraine has developed and is marketing a set of IFRS family products (from IFRS (IAS) 39 to IFRS 9) products. The company is already working on the development of the IFRS 13 compliant product. Using our IFRS products contributes to economic efficiency by helping investors to identify opportunities and risks, thus improving capital allocation. Use of a single, trusted accounting language lowers the cost of capital and reduces international reporting costs for business.