IT Consulting

IT Service Management

With the introduction of outsourcing and cloud services, the need for IT Service Management (ITSM) is still very prevalent. Outsourcing often makes ITSM more critical, more complex and difficult as many solutions are not fit for purpose in an IT environment in which information is incomplete and scattered over outsourcers, cloud providers and internal IT solutions.

Be Ukraine offers a complete spectrum of consulting services covering the full life cycle of all ITIL processes and functions. Be TSE has extensive know how and experience and a proven track record in change management, configuration management, release and deployment management as well as monitoring and service impact management.

Quality Assurance Services

Building Quality Assurance into a Banking organization is a complex and delicate task. We have deep knowledge and proven experience in deploying at the customer site best practices that allow the client better handle new projects (e.g. testing apps for mobile devices) ensuring high quality on deliverables.

Our offering in Quality Assurance includes:

  • QA Process Assessment and consulting

Our QA experts can help the organizations assess the maturity of the existing QA function and assist them in improving the cost efficiency of QA efforts. This Includes evaluation of best-of-breed tools and testing environments such as the cloud, software testing tools, the mobile environment, testing automation and application performance issues.

  • Test planning

Assistance with establishing processes and policies to maintain QA across complex, multiple projects.

  • Test running

Execution of testing, based on solid and well established processes and practises, is a key success factor for reaching the expected results in any IT project against the overall business goals. Our engineering consultants have developed deep experience in running testing activities across the entire life cycle of an IT project, including: Functional Testing, Configuration Testing, web services Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing (including volume, capacity, load, stress, scalability and reliability testing), Security Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile testing, Usability Testing).

Near Shore Services

Be Group is supporting leading Financial Institutions through a superior ability in managing complexity due to transformation initiatives, innovation programs and compliance matters.

We serve our clients in accomplishing their major challenges:

  • Rethinking their business
  • Managing Digital Revolution
  • Solving Regulatory Issues
  • Excelling in Operations
  • Raise Performance & Risk Control.

We offer our clients and partners a peerless and unevaluable service:

The outstanding talent and specialization of our professionals

  • A deep company knowledge of financial and insurance matters
  • A unique positioning in the middle field between strategy and ICT solutions
  • Our standing of preferred consultants of some of the industry leaders in major banks & institutions
  • An already consistent vision of European market and a real multicultural environment due to our presence in 9 different countries
  • A continuous search for the improvement of our performance, a relentless passion for excellence.

Our key factors are:

  • Deep knowledge of the underlying business
  • Deep knowledge of customer processes and counterparts
  • Strong physical presence on the customer premises
  • Strong nearshore practice based on a young, flexible and competent team.